About Us

Galloway engages with communities to provide learning opportunities to develop and empower individuals to fulfil their potential, promoting citizenship, support and guidance.

Galloway was founded in 1989 and is a Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable Status.  We were established to bridge the gap for individuals, who for various reasons were unable to access learning opportunities or employment.  Over the years, the portfolio of provisions within Skills Development Scotland delivery, commercial activities and charitable projects continues to grow.

Our Board Members consist of Ayrshire residents with a variety of backgrounds, who have a shared vision to provide guidance, support, citizenship and learning for communities.  Our staff consists of core centre based staff, outreach tutors and volunteers.  We work in partnership with other agencies such as Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, Job Centre Plus and Local Authorities and have a diverse and extensive network of employer placements.

Equality and Diversity Commitment:

Galloway is committed to promoting equality and diversity, which includes our processes, practices, environments and culture.